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apple watch series5! release date and function resarch!

apple watch series5! release date and function resarch!

This time,

「The latest information
of the Apple watch series5」

I researched!

Release Date, functions and design

How do you change?

I think some people anxious.
However, information is still less

I tried to gather on the net.
I’m very very struggle.


Apple watch ‘s the release date !

Regarding Release Date
Still undecided.

By the way, In overseas

People expect to released on September 20.

Only say that per second half of this year.
Relay in September of new works will also be.

Will the new information annnouce ?

Top page of official website

[apple special event]

From this contents

You can watch it’s streaming.

Every year
Looking at the data that has been released in September

soon  (° Д °)

US financial information company IHS Markit is
“event of September 19, if there is no problem on the development unexpected
will announce new products (related products to macbook pro)”
He had said.

Until now,
at the same time as the new iPhone

It tends to have been announced

It will be announced at this time
together with a high probability.

Function and design of the Apple watch Series 5

apple watch series5! release date and function resarch!


We can confirme as a built-in function in the apple watch series5

・Sleep tracking function
・School time mode

With respect to the design
It have been expected to Series 4 that no change.

the another change is

titanium, model additional ceramic.

watchOS6 by the announcement of
The latest of OS6 are mounted
Whether various functions have been added.


new apple watch dedicated App store is
attention to be introduced.

Until now
from the iPhone

was app available

apple watch only
that the store is out
Since it becomes directly available from the watch

People expect there is wifi conect function


The Apple watch of sleep tracking function?

The latest of series 5,
Sleep monitor sensor is mounted

I think we have been incorporated
It has been expected to.

Sleep tracking function,
which can record the status and quality of sleep
A monitor, such as ECG
when the deep sleep shallow sleep,
when was it sleeping
You Know.

apple watch series5! release date and function resarch!

The Apple watch school time mode ?

School time mode  is
Apps and Complication in class
operation of the
(UI elements to be displayed on the dial), the notification restriction

So as not to in class, mode to be able to concentrate

Emergency notification will not be.

Like the mobile phone

 the severe teacher find it
turn off mobile phone  in class!

 the pattern to be confiscated If you play during class
My apple watch were confiscated (° Д °)

This mode
will be in student orientation

apple watch or iPhone in the registration of student ID
student dormitory of the key lock authentication,
the ability to use and settlement of the shop

It aims to increase  demand of the college students.



Summary of Apple watch Series 5

Today Summary

-・Release Date of Apple watch Series 5 is the end of September !?
・sleep tracking features and school mode equipped, there is also a wifi function! ?
・Duration of Battery is a problem

This time,
“apple watch Series 5”
I resarched and struggleed

sale coming soon
however, A little  Information  
 It will be full of rumors and expect.

It not that from the launch and
does not know the truth.

It is only problem,
we want to  duration of battery

as long as there is Sleeping tracking,
Charging because even a running night
 wonder if okay

I wonder if the high-speed charging  provide

Announcement coming soon
will to hit much this time either
Hopefully Let’s wait ( ‘ω’)